Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Final MC-D Colts/Beagle Haiku of the 2009 NFL Season

Katie Beagle barks
And the Colts shall hark: "Laissez
le bon
team rouler!"

--Mary Campbell-Droze

My thanks to Mary for a Super Season of Colts/Beagle haiku, even if the Colts did fall just a wee bit short at the end of the final game. The haiku have been a lot of fun, and without a doubt Mary has cornered the niche-iest beagle-haiku niche of them all.

As for the rest of you, now that the football season is over I need you all to start providing more beagle haiku. This blog's global beagle-haiku dominance is built on the exciting 21st Century business model of other people providing me with content for the exciting price-point of "free."

Quite frankly, not all of you are holding up your end of that bargain. Get to work, haiku slackers.


  1. Free beagle haiku?
    Big brother exploits us all.
    Free beagle haiku.

  2. Katie the Beagle
    is a pretty good dog if
    you can't have a lab.

  3. Was that the sound of breed haiku wars (2010) getting kicked off?

  4. Did you hear that, blogosphere?! Cute beagles!!Slightly ruined labradors!!! Haiku Wars, right here, on the Patio Boat!!!!

    (Um, in a non-Michael-Vick, PETA-approved, sort of way.)

    Buy your advertising space now!

  5. Actually, it's hard to defend my dog these days since someone ruined her. We were halfway down our block today when someone around the corner slammed their front door. She dug her feet in and resisted going any further. I dragged her more than a block before she recovered and got interested in some dogs she knows who were barking at her from inside their house. Then she trotted along as if there had never been a problem.

  6. Katie, the Beagle
    would love to have "Yappy Hour"
    in wintry Glens Falls.

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  8. Beagle Katie will
    Save a syllable if you
    Had one too many.