Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This Week's MC-D Colts/Beagle Haiku, plus bonus lyrics from a sprited song of denial!

No doubt about it, our intrepid Colts/Beagle correspondent is having a hard time dealing with the fact that the Colts are demonstrably worse than the Buffalo Bills, as seen in the deep denial that permeates the song lyrics that follow this week's haiku:

Milestones Buried Under Bills Blizzard

Manning, Wayne, and Clark
Can't yellow Buffalo's snow
Like Katie Beagle!

Mad Colts Love Song

The franchise is taking some heat
For letting our great team get beat,
But despite all the "coulda"s and "shoulda"s
It just doesn't suck to be us.

As for pursuit of perfection,
This season's a pretty damned good'un!
So Caldwell's won't be like Shula's?
It still doesn't suck to be us.

The media's Armchair sh#t flies,
But Indy's got eyes on the prize:
XLIV's within reach; why the fuss---
How can it suck to be us?

So all naysayers who boo
Can go stuff it up their wazoo!
Whatever the possible codas,
It really don't suck to be us!

--Mary Campbell-Droze

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Mary, keep the poetry flowing, my dear. Hoping you have much to cheer about with your Colts over the next few weeks!