Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Patio Boat Blog Lurches Forward into 2008

I just tweeted my first beagle haiku on Twitter. At 140 characters, I doubt we'll see any beagle sonnets or beagle sestinas through that channel.

However, in the interests of building an audience on that new outlet, today's beagle haiku will be a Twitter exclusive! And since it relates Katie the Beagle's shocking reaction to Cady the Terrible's departure, it's must-read haiku!

If you want to read it, you'll have to go sign up for Twitter and follow me. I did it yesterday and it really is simple enough. My alias there is -- unsurprisingly enough -- Patioboater. You needn't follow anybody else, my devoted blog followers. I haven't followed it all for long enough myself to have any recommendations for who else you can follow, though I have already gained a new appreciation for the sheer 140-or-fewer-characters comedic stylings of Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad "OchoCinqo" Johnson:

OGOchoCinco CP3,DWADE,KOBE,LEBRON,DWIGHTHOWARD vs any combo of NFL players I guarantee we win-you can change the starting 5 of NBA players-we still win.

Frankly, I can't compete with that sort of comedy.


  1. Enjoyed the new beagle haiku, prefer the old platform.

  2. Shouldn't that title be LURCHING BACKWARD?