Saturday, January 2, 2010

January Has Arrived on Wolverine Lake.

On New Year's Eve the temperature crept up to a balmy 35 degrees. Monique and I took advantage of the heat wave to have a flurry of outdoor fun in the ... well, not "fun in the sun." Make it, "in the dull grey of a Michigan winter day."

Monique and Anna from next door went out and made a snowman.

Meanwhile, John and Dean from across the street cleared the ice rink out front on the lake.

Today, the sun returned. But it forgot to bring any warmth with it. It's seven degrees Fahrenheit outside this afternoon.

Pretty, but cold!

Sure, it looks quiet out there in this still photo. But this quick video should give you a better idea of the activity level on the lake on a single-digit January day.


  1. You're an ass... said most affectionately!

    Can I have my 30 seconds back now?

  2. looks fun
    the snowman

    Happy New Year ;-)

  3. You do have a unique video sensibility, John.

    And, having two days with sunshine, in January, in Michigan, it has been truly amazing! Glad you got a few pictures.

  4. Here's a virtual exchange from from my as yet only virtual Facebook account :

    President of the water board, Walled lake MI : "Hey! Who forgot to take the docks out for the winter..."

    A local Tattletale : "Um, that would be the Magees."

    President : "Yeah well, we only put up with them 'cause they know how to make a GREAT snowman!"

  5. It will be great to watch Michigan Wolverines, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.