Friday, September 26, 2014

The Collected Big Road Trip Posts

A bit of housekeeping. Here, collected in one place are the links out to the various photoblog posts for this summer's Big Road Trip:

Out-of-office doggerel
Day Zero - The Dream Cruise
Days One through Three (Chicago, South Dakota)
Inside the Jaguar
Days Four and Five (Jewel Cave, Devil's Tower, Wyoming)
Day Six (Hot Springs State Park in Wyoming)
Yellowstone - Setting up Camp and Old Faithful
The Big Road Trip: Yellowstone - A Walk along the Upper Geyser Basin
Day Seven, Yellowstone Afternoon (Paint Pots, canyon, grizzly, elk)
Sunday in Yellowstone (bison, Mammoth Hot Springs, black bear)
Sunset in the Grand Tetons
Day Nine - A Drive Through the Rockies
Final Stop - A Visit with Babs at Lake Lotawana, Missouri

And here's a picture of Big Smoky photobombing the Grand Tetons. Just because.

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