Monday, September 1, 2014

The Big Road Trip: Sunset in the Grand Tetons

We drove out of Yellowstone and into the Grand Tetons in hopes that there would still be enough light to see the Tetons and in hopes that they wouldn't be entirely socked in by clouds and fog.

Our first glimpse was pretty, but it certainly looked as if dark clouds would rule the evening:

But a glimpse farther to the West showed hope. The sun was coming down to an opening on the western edge of the clouds. We might just get a sunset!

We drove along in hopes of good light and a good place to watch the mountains.

The brightness along the horizon grew. It looked as if we would have a sunset to watch after all! We pulled off next to a big meadow, looked behind us, and this is what we saw:

Join us for a sunset in the Grand Tetons....

By now you know our rules. What do we do with a vision of sublime natural beauty?

Photobomb it, natch:

The sunset carried on despite our photographic hi-jinks.

With the color fading from the sky it was time to get back in the car and head on our way.

And that was that. The color left the sky entirely. Night fell over the Tetons.

We continued our cruise south, stopping for dinner at the Pizza Hut in Jackson, Wyoming. There the world was treated to the rare and desperate sight of Malcolm and Henry eating salad in a Pizza Hut. I am assured by them both that all France will view this photo with amazement:

After dinner it was back in the car and a bit more driving south in Wyoming until we stopped for the night in Pinedale.  Yellowstone and the Tetons were behind us, but Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park lay ahead.

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