Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Big Road Trip: Day Six

With my brother Mike still on the DL with pneumonia and Yellowstone still suffering another day of cold deluge we decided to go with Cathy and the girls up to Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis, Wyoming.

Along the way we stopped at Hell's Half Acre, a 300+ acre batch of badlands in Wyoming:

After a bit more driving -- hey, it's Wyoming. Everything is a long drive -- we got to Hot Springs State Park. Let's start by visiting the hot springs:

Most of our time was actually spent in a hot spring, mineral pool, and slide complex called the Star Plunge:

Malcolm and Henry playing basketball at the outdoor pool.

Zoe and Cathy.

Amelia takes the little slide. Wheeeeee!

The hot-tub gang.

Snacktime for Amelia!

Zoe says hello.

After all the swimming and sliding we headed back, but not before trying to find the Wyoming state bison herd, which resides in the hills behind the hot spring. After long, long searching we found these two bison on a far-off hill. I bring them to you by way of the maximum length of my telephoto lens:

Would we see any more bison on this trip? Stay tuned, Big Road Trip fans. 

Next stop on our agenda? Yellowstone National Park.

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