Friday, April 24, 2015

2015 Detroit AutoRama: Trailing, Trailing, Trailing...

In this case, the specific trailing is that my photoblogging has fallen far behind my phototaking this Spring. Lots and lots of reasons for that, but what you the gentle Patio Boat reader should know is that you're about to get several posts with a lot more pretty pictures than dense text as I try to catch the digital Patio Boat up to reality.

Today, another batch of photos from the 2015 Detroit AutoRama. Mostly photos of an awesome looking 1935 Bowlus Road Chief owned by Dian Flis-Schneider of Lapeer, Michigan:

A better husband wouldn't have preceded the upcoming photo of his wife with the "Trailer Park Girl" poster, but these are hurried times on the ol' Patio Boat blog and we don't always think this through. In any event, we do have a nice picture of Monique in front of another vintage trailer that we thought was cute as a button, a Shasta Compact owned by John and Cheryl Rose of Dearborn, Michigan:

I assure you, she's not alone and her love isn't mobile. She does, however, try to be good.

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