Friday, April 24, 2015

2015 Detroit AutoRama: This n'That

Today's post: pictures of cool things Monique and I saw at the AutoRama....

Buick Riviera owned by Craig Sobczak of Marquette, Michigan. Love that hood ornament.

1959 Edsel Convertible owned by Frank Robbins of Troy, Michigan.

The Pac-Man Rod.

1959 Rambler American wagon owned by Dean and Bonnie Osland of Scottsdale, Arizona. This features another cool hood ornament, plus her twin on their display plaque. We particularly appreciated this because we have the same Nash hood ornament in the little collection of cool hood ornaments in our living room:

Now I just need to buy a few cars to put these on.

Monique checking out a 1971 'Cuda owned by Maureen Chandler.

Way cool! This is a 1940 Dodgem bumper car owned by Candace Miller of New Boston, Michigan.

Monique checks out a 1962 13-window VW Bus.

Next, we take you to a few of the cool things in the AutoRama Extreme displays in the basement. Here there be rat rods and their ilk:

This is the sales display for SpeedCult. They're a Detroit-area company that does lots of custom plasma cutting for graphics, designs, and other cool purposes. I picked up my cool steel MG logo from them at last year's AutoRama.

Check out their web site to get a better idea and visit them on weekends in Ferndale at the Rustbelt Market when its time to outfit your man cave or weld a cool item onto your rat rod.

1941 Studebaker owned by David Weinberg of Royal Oak, MI.

1963 VW Beetle owned by Jerry Danowski of Belleville, Michigan.

1962 Comet gasser owned by Glenn Botting of Brantford, Ontario.

This fluorescent green 1939 Ford is owned by "Senora Classico y Alcoholico" from Troy, Michigan. We've gotta get her and Trailer Park Girl together some day.

Here's a cool feature I never noticed on a hot rod before. This Willys roadster has a flip-up steering wheel to make it easier to slip into the driver's seat.

1958 Chrysler New Yorker owned by Bob Fryz "Shboom" of Dearborn, Michigan.

1934 Chrysler Airflow built and owned by Bob Cranston. Before.

1934 Chrysler Airflow built and owned by Bob Cranston. After.

A hood ornament seems a good way to wrap up this AutoRama post, so we'll let the Chrysler Airflow's mascot do the job.

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