Friday, April 17, 2015

2015 Detroit AutoRama: the Creepy Tiki Bar

I've been out and about in the real world instead of blogging on the Internets, so how about a quick batch of photos from the Detroit AutoRama to say "howdy" to my three remaining readers?

Are these fellows gathered around a refreshment stand? Nope, they're sitting down for a beverage at The Creepy Tiki Bar, a 1949 Chevy Fleetline owned by Kevin Smith of Dearborn Heights, Michigan:

This was one of my favorite builds at the show. This guy took a cool car and a theme, and put it all together in a really fun way. He also welcomed attendees to sit at the bar and in the car to check it all out. The Creepy Tiki Bar may be creepy, but it was really a very welcoming place.

Look up? Why? Because the entire headliner is done in bamboo!

A very cool car. And a very cool bar. The Patio Boat blog thoroughly approves!

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