Friday, January 20, 2012

Some of My Favorite Photos of 2011

I was looking for a photo from this Summer and realized that I was really a pretty neglectful photoblogger and photo-Facebooker for much of this year, especially during the Spring and Summer.  The funny thing is that it wasn't due to a lack of photos -- we have about 2,500 photos from 2011 sitting on my hard drive -- it was just a matter of taking the time to sort through them to pull out a few of the best.  So, I went through this year's photo folders and pulled out some of my favorites.  Monique took most of them, so if you see one you really like in here, the odds are good that she deserves the credit.

Be forewarned, there are an astonishing 43 photos in this post. Frankly, I could've run the count up to a hundred.  Looking them all over again, one thing was clear: we had a lot of good times in 2011.  Here's some of the best evidence...

Okay, this one's cheating since it's from the very end of 2010. It's a Very Magee Christmas in my Dad's front yard! Pottersville, New York.

Monique in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

John sailing with friends off Tortola in the Sir Francis Drake Channel.

Monique in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

John in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

Katie the Beagle enjoying the special pillow that Monique made for her, so that her head would have a soft spot when she flops out of her bed.  Not that Katie the Beagle is a spoiled dog or anything.

Zoe on Casper Mountain, Wyoming.

Cathy, Zoe, Uncle John, and Mike enjoying the successful construction of the new bike trailer. Casper, Wyoming.  (Note Zoe's stylin' set of rabbit ears.)

Zoe the gardener. Casper, Wyoming.

Mike standing at the edge of an abyss while overflow water from Spring flooding roars into a canyon. Near Casper, Wyoming.

Roses and peonies by our decrepit picket fence. Wolverine Lake,  Michigan.

Stella sunbathing on our dock. Wolverine Lake,  Michigan.

Tiki Night fireworks. Wolverine Lake,  Michigan.

The French car-wash crew (Malcolm and Henry) in the MGB. Wolverine Lake,  Michigan.

Malcolm, Stella, Ann, Henry, and Michelle (left-to-right) at the fair. Wolverine Lake,  Michigan.

Fun in the sun with Malcolm, Henry, Anna, and Lexi (left-to-right.) Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

John and Malcolm head off for high-speed adventures. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

Sigh. Wendy and her new ski boat getting towed back to the dock. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

The car-wash crew: John, Malcolm, and Henry (left-to-right). Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

And how shiny did the car-wash crew get the MGB? I give you "Michelle: Self-Portrait in MGB Hood." Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

Another fine reflection upon the good work done by my car-wash assistants. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

(Michelle took a lot of great car-reflection photos this year, but I don't have them all on my hard drive.  Michelle, if you read this and send me some of those really cool ones you took at the Concours d'Elegance, I'll add them to this post.)

Monique and Michelle -- probably rehearsing the "Sisters" number from "White Christmas." Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

Arsen and Katie the Beagle on the boardwalk. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

Babs and Michelle standing in our kitchen. What I especially like about this photo is that it looks like a graceful dance pose, but in reality they are just startled to look up and realize that our skylight is raining on them. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

John and Babs head off for high-speed adventures. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

Monique and Katie the Beagle head off for low-speed adventures. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

Brigitte, Babs, Michelle, and Monique (bottom-to-top). Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

Brigitte and Stella. Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

This photo of Arsen about to make a point still cracks me up. Traverse City, Michigan.

John was a wee bit tired after the rugby game. Traverse City, Michigan.

Arsen staring up from galley of the tall sailing ship Manitou. Traverse City, Michigan.

Monique and John having top-down fun in the FUN MG. Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan.

Morning glories. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

Fall colors. Adirondack Mountains, New York.

The lake of my childhood. Loon Lake, New York.

On the fall colors cruise with the Windsor-Detroit MG Club. Near Plymouth, Michigan.

2011 Corvette Grand Sport vs. 1976 MG MGB Roadster. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

Proof that a new Corvette is a chick magnet. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

Last pontoon cruise of the year. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

John's self-portrait in pumpkin. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

Katie the Beagle helps Monique to install our new hardwood floor. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

John does battle behind the dash of the MGB. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

Katie the Beagle stands atop John on New Year's Eve to greet 2012. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

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