Saturday, April 9, 2011

At least I didn't bring a boat back with me

Hi everybody! I've arrived safe & sound back in Michigan after a week of travelling about the East Coast.

A truly committed blogger would have photoblogged the trip as he went. A blogger with more gumption than me would at least write up an account of the trip now that he's back home.

But me? I'm just going to swipe this bit of nonsense from a Facebook discussion that followed a post by my sister, paste it up here, and call it a night.

(Hey, it can't all be fabulous photos of tropical islands.)


Susan Magee Riordan hopes her husband was kidding when he asked her to sleep in the driveway so his boat could sleep in the bed. Ha ha ha....kidding, right? Right? Yeah, I didn't think so either. Friday at 8:05am

David Shabat
You've never seen the personal ad: "Man seeking woman with boat. Please send picture of boat". Friday at 8:30am

John Magee I believe your mother once had a boat engine in her bathtub for several months. Perhaps the tendency to attract boats in inappropriate rooms is a genetic disorder. Friday at 12:04pm

Susan Magee Riordan Sure John- blame the victim... Friday at 12:17pm

John Magee No blame. You can't help it if you're a victim of Inappropriate Boat-Part Location Permissiveness disorder. Perhaps we should have a telethon. Friday at 1:41pm

David Shabat Holy Crap, I only read stories about IBPLPD! Now, a real, live case! Friday at 1:43pm

John Magee It's sad, really. You think this is the sort of thing that you only see in exotic Discovery Health Channel documentaries late at night, and then you find out that you know a real live case. Friday at 1:46pm

David Shabat Dear God, I heard all the gene therapies have only yielded results such as Auto part permissiveness, and in one case, nothing but cat food cans. I truly hope they find a cure. Friday at 1:48pm

John Magee Won't you please donate to help this vital research? Call 1-800-BUY-JOHN ext. ABOAT. Friday at 2:02pm

Susan Magee Riordan ‎[can't type, laughing too hard] Friday at 2:05pm


  1. Just another example of what I'm missing not being on Facebook! Wow, I never knew...

  2. Just be grateful that *you* don't suffer from IBPLPD, otherwise I'd be lubricating a lower-unit in the bathtub before you could blink.

    (Hmmn ... now that I've typed it, "lubricating a lower-unit in the bathtub" sounds kinda dirty.)

  3. I told Rich I was getting in the shower the other day. I swear that man waited until I was actually in the shower until he WASHED THE BOAT.

    So, um, can you accommodate a visiting boat this summer? As if four kids didn't make enough of an impact as guests...