Monday, November 8, 2010

Restful Weekend

Sigh. There was so much I should've done during the weekend just past, since I've spent so much of the past several weekends working on the campaign and setting other things to the side. Alas, this is all that I did:

--Enjoyed a lovely martini on Friday evening. (Enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I had another one on Saturday evening!)
--Wrote a post-election blog post
--Had a lovely lunch with Monique, Arsen, and Brigitte
--Bought a much-needed new pair of gloves
--Re-read "The Great Gatsby"
--Watched "The Wolf Man" (1941, with Lon Chaney, Jr.)
--Read several sections of the Sunday New York Times
--Pulled the rowboat and the boat lift from the lake
--Watched the Lions snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Ugh!
--Watched a good "Masterpiece Mystery" (The Inspector Lewis series) off the DVR
--Washed a few dishes

... and that's about it, really.

When your list of "accomplishments" includes two martinis and "The Wolf Man", I think it's safe to say that vast world-beating achievements may have been scarce.

I concede that I may have needed a restful weekend, which is just what I had. Now I need to get the gearshift out of "N" and back into drive, since a busy week looms!


  1. "You deserve a break today - COCA COLA"....oops, that's not the right song. But you still deserved such a restful day, John.

  2. I achieved even *less* this weekend, though that would seem to be mathematically impossible.

    But the batteries are getting recharged, albeit it ever-so-slowly.