Monday, November 29, 2010

Mr. Vacation's Facebook-based Holiday Report

For the non-Facebookers in the crowd, here is my report on "How I Misspent the Last Nine Days," courtesy of a selection of my Facebook postings:


John Magee Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Vacation is in the house for the next *nine* days! November 20 at 12:15pm

John Magee has updated his Profile Picture
November 20 at 2:07pm


Lisa Serniuk Eeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Beer!
November 20 at 2:31pm

John Magee Thus peace.
November 20 at 3:39pm

Lisa Serniuk Is it time for more peace yet?
November 20 at 5:01pm

John Magee Cue the music: All we are saaaaaying .... is give peace a chaaance.
November 20 at 10:55pm


John Magee Oh, Lions. *That* was bad. That was really, really bad.
November 21 at 2:54pm

John Magee And so was *that*.
November 21 at 2:57pm

John Magee Oh, no ... and especially *that*. Wow was *that* bad.
November 21 at 2:57pm

John Magee Why must the wheels all fall off so fast and all at once with this team? November 21 at 3:00pm

John Magee Aaaaaand here come two consecutive *HORRIBLE* calls by the refs.... November 21 at 3:25pm

John Magee ‎... and there's the Dallas TD, proving me right for starting Miles Austin on my fantasy team. Monique has had enough. She just retreated to the garage to look for the sweaters she boxed up last Spring.
November 21 at 3:28pm


John Magee Mr. Vacation's a wild man. He just put *two* habaƱero peppers in the big pot of chili that he's cooking.
November 21 at 7:37pm


John Magee That's right, peeps, Mr. Vacation slept in 'til 10 am on this rainy Monday morning. Now I'm flopped on the couch with a nice, big stack of books.
November 22 at 10:46am


John Magee Today, on "The Continuing Adventures of Mr. Vacation!" ... Mr. Vacation eats a bowl of cereal, reads the (virtual) morning papers, has a big mug of coffee, and then -- in a burst of caffeine-inspired frenzy -- begins to make a grocery shopping list for Thanksgiving.
November 23 at 10:47am


John Magee This morning's Mr. Vacation adventure? I'm watching "Match Game '75" and reading the (virtual) paper.
November 24 at 10:58am via iPhone

Natalie Mark Kamenias Kali mera that is greek for good morning. there must be a big sag hole in the couch by now. ... Katy Beagle must be in hog heaven-someone home and on the couch all day. A dog fantasy. Share ur treats with her.
November 24 at 12:14pm

Natalie Mark Kamenias ps via iphone-you are such a slug you can't even make to the computer keyboard???
November 24 at 12:14pm

John Magee Fortunately, Katie the Beagle and I swap couch positions on occasion, so as to ensure even wear. The keyboard was a good dozen feet away. It's an outrage to suggest that Mr. Vacation should move that far before noon.

No book today, though.... After lunch I had to go fetch the turkey from Roperti's Turkey Farm in Livonia (26 pounds for four people and one beagle ... I may have overdone it) and a couple of bottles of mead. Work, work, work.
November 24 at 3:30pm

Mary Campbell-Droze Match Game '70s!! My all-time favorite game show.
November 24 at 5:50pm


John Magee Mr. Vacation is feeling like a bit of a dunce today because he forgot he was supposed to meet some friends for drinks last night. One freaking item on my social schedule for the entire week, and I forgot about it. Four days into my staycationing my brain may have already proceeded beyond rest to achieve genuine atrophy.
November 24 at 3:32pm

Steve Mace "Are you here for "Coping With Senility?" -- "No. I'm here for "Microwave Cookery" ... No, wait, "Coping With Senility".

~Jasper Beardly, The Simpsons
November 24 at 4:00pm

John Magee Who are you whippersnappers? And why won't you get off my lawn?!
November 24 at 4:15pm


John Magee Katie the Beagle thinks I should be feeding her andouille sausage stuffing instead of looking at Facebook. She's rather insistent about it.
November 24 at 5:30pm

Sheila Nason Cady the Lab wants to come visit and help her eat it.
November 25 at 12:01am

John Magee Katie eventually gave up, but the smells drove her to such a frenzy that she chewed on her rawhide bone for about an hour.
November 25 at 1:36am

Natalie Mark Kamenias give the pup some fancy sausage don't be so selfish
November 25 at 2:54am

John Magee I gave her a bit of a cheesie, what more could she want?

Fret not, Katie the Beagle fans. She'll do okay before this day is over.
November 25 at 10:19am


John Magee Breaking Thanksgiving Eve news: Two mincemeat pies, done; one chocolate-pecan pie, done in ten minutes; two pumpkin pies, prepped and ready to go in the oven.
November 24 at 7:39pm


John Magee Turkey in the oven: 10:08 am.
November 25 at 10:20am

John Magee ... a bit past its intended start time because I forgot to cook up the gizzard and liver for the stuffing when I started prepping it this morning.
November 25 at 10:21am

Natalie Mark Kamenias How could you forget that you nit wit. If you want a really good bird here is my secret ingredient-BEER. Dump a can o beer over the bird before you put it in the oven. OK I admit beer is my secret ingredient in everything. It gives great flavor and adds a bit of stickyness. throw on a few spoons o honey and it is bliss.
November 25 at 10:30am

Derek Lamport That bird isn't getting a drop of beer around my place.
November 25 at 11:27am


John Magee Breaking Thanksgiving News! 12:13 pm: Katie the Beagle tallies her first score of the day, some chopped up skin and meat from the turkey neck.
November 25 at 12:14pm

Natalie Mark Kamenias Give the damn dog the whole neck you skin flint!!!!
November 25 at 1:48pm


John Magee As Arsen and Brigitte arrive we have turkey odors wafting through the house; five pies standing ready; deviled eggs, olives, cheesies, chips, and salsa on the table; and the Lions winning at halftime. I'd say this Thanksgiving is shaping up nicely.
November 25 at 1:59pm

Pamela Tolleson I hope your Detroit Lions dont let me down...want them to win today
November 25 at 2:05pm

John Magee Oh, I wouldn't advise *expecting* anything out of the Lions. That way can only lie disappointment.
November 25 at 2:28pm

John Magee Well, okay, I have to admit that I expected *THAT* out of the Lions in the second half. Alas, they didn't disappointment me.
November 25 at 4:28pm


John Magee Thanksgiving update -- At 4:16 pm the turkey came out of the oven and was declared to be "delicious."
November 25 at 4:27pm


John Magee Curled up on the couch with Katie the Beagle, a tummy full of turkey-and-stuffing sandwiches, a pile of books, and the Michigan high school football championship games on the tube. Not too shabby.
Friday, November 26 at 1:58pm via iPhone


[Then on Sunday, November 28, a bazillionty birthday well-wishes suddenly appeared on my Facebook wall. Thanks, everybody!]


John Magee Mr. Vacation has enjoyed a splendidly lazy day today as I finished off this week of staycationing by ... well, by doing absolutely nothing: eating Thanksgiving leftovers, watching football, and fiddling with the new Kindle that Monique gave me for my birthday.
Sunday, November 28 at 11:28 pm


John Magee Mr. No-Longer-On-Vacation Report: Whittling down the ol' e-mail pile after my splendid little break. I've deleted 143 e-mails so far today.
5 hours ago

Marti Bush HA HA HA... and how many did you actually do something with?
5 hours ago

John Magee Today's final count of progress on the e-mails that came in while I was away: deleted, 163; still unread, 73; read and acted upon, 77.
28 minutes ago

Marti Bush HA HA HA
22 minutes ago

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