Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quince Week Comes to the Patio Boat Blog

After the arrival of the bucket of quinces from our neighbor's quince tree it was a quinciful week around the Magee residence. The drama played out on Facebook, so I thought I'd copy a few posts and comments back here.

As to rumors that this blog is on the take from the American Quince Growers Association, I have no comment. I can, however, assure you all that the AQGA is, "Making America great again, once quince at a time!"


Saturday, October 9

John Magee
As long as we're talking food, you'll all be glad to know that I moved on from spaghetti tacos for lunch to the best pot roast I've ever had for dinner.

Patio Boat: Quince Pot Roast

Daniel Steinbach I am glad


Sunday, October 10

John Magee
Monique to John this morning: "What do you mean you can't figure out what to make us for Sunday breakfast with what's left in the fridge? You have quinces. You have beets. You have half an eggplant. I'm sure you can figure something out."

Justine Carson Hmmm, challenging ingredients; so what did you come up with?

Dean Tiernan Time to turn the duties over to Monique.

John Magee I kept the quinces and beets on the sideline, and made an eggplant, bacon, and gruyere omelet with rye toast. Yum.

Daniel Steinbach Hmmm. I had a bowl of cereal with lactose reduced skim milk.

Sheila Nason That's cheating. You didn't say you had eggs, bacon and gruyere. Where's the challenge in that?

John Magee What I figured out was that I needed to keep digging through the fridge to find better ingredients.

Marti Bush WHAT?!?!?! No spagetti tacos?


Friday, October 15

John Magee
We finished up the leftovers last night, so I thought I'd give folks a second crack at the quince pot roast recipe. It was truly amazing.

Patio Boat: Quince Pot Roast

Pamela Tolleson John I posted a question a few weeks ago but I just looked and it's not there...hmmm odd. Anyways, it was asking if I can buy the quince at any grocery store?

John Magee ‎@Pam - I think it depends on your store, and how far down the "specialty fruits and veggies" they go in their produce aisle. I don't recall having seen them very often, but it is the season and it might be worth asking the produce manager if you have an adventurous store. The best bet might be a farmer's market or an orchard. We got ours from our neighbor, who has a little quince tree.

John Magee P.S. You might also try an ethnic foods store if there's one near you. They tend to see a lot of use in Turkish, Southern European, Middle Eastern, and South American foods.

Pamela Tolleson Thank you, I will ask Wegmans, i go there almost everyday (the grocery store) ............ I will keep you posted on how that goes ♥


Friday, October 15

John Magee
Monique made quince crumble for dinner tonight. Oh, so yummy. Alas, we're now down to two final quinces.

Marti Bush I wish I could have had dinner at your house. That sounds wonderful! Tell your lovely wife I said hello!

John Magee Um, I guess technically the quince crumble was for dessert. But who's kidding who? Dinner was just a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches designed to move us quickly on to dessert.

Catherine Dufresne-Magee I need a wife!

Lori Pasto With all of the rain and wind -- we opted for grilled cheese and tomato soup . . . no dessert -- sounds way better in Michigan! :)


Saturday, Oct. 16

John Magee
Quince Week continues. Yesterday, quince crumble, then quince syrup with the leftover bits of quince. The latter led to today's treat: quincetinis on the pontoon boat for a sunset cruise. Tomorrow? Quince and green tomato mincemeat pie.

Marti Bush And still no dinner invite?

Susan Magee Riordan I suspect the Patio Boat blog has been purchased by the American Quince Growers Association.

John Magee Ahhh, the good folks of the AQGA, "Making this nation stronger one quince at a time."

Mary Campbell-Droze Good grief, Muggy---keep this up & I'll have to add "quince" to the Colts/Katie/Kaylee haiku! (well, it *would* maintain the alliteration)

John Magee I'm beginning to sense a lot of jealousy from all those who had to go without a quince-tini this evening.

Jon Hopwood Like I've said, the only Quince I know about was played by Jack Klugman in the 1970s.


Sunday, Oct. 17

John Magee
just made a big batch of green-tomato-and-quince mincemeat. ("Quincemeat"?) We canned a couple of big quart bottles worth, and the rest will just have to go into pies now.

John Magee Well, into pies tomorrow. It's a bit late to start baking pies.

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  1. This post is proof that the American Quince Growers Association has indeed taken over the Patio Boat.