Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And just one day after Week 4 comes Week 5

The Patio Boat blog remains unstuck in time as our Week 4 Colts/Kaylee/Katie the Beagle haiku is succeeded by the Week 5 haiku after just a single day of subjective time.

Football poetry scientists are unsure what has caused this damage to the space-time continuum, but we all suspect that the Lions winning by a score of 44-6 has something to do with it. As we all know, a 38-point Lion victory margin over the Rams was one of the seven signs of aproaching Armageddon cited by Nostradamus:

In these end days the Lion shall no longer lie down with the Lamb,
But it shall instead devour the Lamb with such savagery
That thirty-eight ribs shall enumerate the carcass,
And the hosts of the City of Wagons will proclaim this deed good.

As for the Colts this week, we turn the rest of this blog over to our Indy haiku correspondent:

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, But Ugly Colts Blight the Red Zone

Colts win, but don't play
As pretty as a beagle
Or a grandbaby.

--Mary Campbell-Droze

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  1. Thanks for the good hearty laugh!