Monday, October 18, 2010

Colts/Katie/Kaylee/Quince, Week 6

Today, our intrepid Indianapolis Colts haiku correspondent adds quinces to her 17 syllables of pigskin poetry as she recaps the 27-24 victory that Indy squeaked out over the Washington Redskins:

When the Quince Hits the Fans

Kate and Kaylee wince
At the evidence evinced:
Colts played like minced quince!

--Mary Campbell-Droze

Unlike Lions fans, Colts fans are apparently finicky about their victories. (We Lions fans don't even know how to pluralize the word "victory.")

As to the added haiku content, you may be asking why we've asked Mary to add quinces to the already busy task of including Katie the Beagle and Kaylee the Granddaughter in her Colts haiku. Rest assured that it's just for the alliteration, since nobody has yet proven that we're a wholely owned subsidiary of the American Quince Growers Association*.

We would never sell out to Big Quince.

As far as you know.

*The AQGA reminds that, "Quinces to you, quinces to me, quinces we shall eat!" is the foundation of a well-balanced quinceful diet.

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  1. Worse yet, the head honchos at the AQGA somehow managed to steal the Patioboater's best concept : get other people to do it for free.