Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What to do if you're not lucky enough to visit Michigan?

So, how best to follow up that long, long series of photos showing how awesome it is to visit Michigan?

By sending my sister Susan to Cleveland, of course.

I'm not really sure why she wants to go to Cleveland, but Tracey over at Just Another Mommy Blog is trying to bump a little traffic over to her Just Another Review Blog, and has put together a fabulous Cleveland vacation giveaway. This has apparently made my sister (better known to the Blogosphere as Gettysburg Mom) crazy with desire to leave the ramshackle Civil War memorabilia of Gettysburg for the bright lights and excitement of Cleveland.

Anyway, if you want to win a trip to Cleveland for Susan, there are links aplenty above. And if you want to win a trip to Cleveland for yourself ... well, there are also links above and this sort of publicity is just a danger that Susan will have to risk.


  1. And that exemplifies why you're one of the bestest big brothers in the whole wide world!

    Shea's got some tough competition to lay claim to the title.

  2. Well, good heavens, I mean, there are so few people who want to go to Cleveland on purpose, I just figure that somebody who does should get her way.

    (Yeah, that's right. The Detroit guy just took a bit of a back-handed slap at Cleveland. I can defend that stance, however, on the grounds that Detroit's municipal corruption is much more interesting than Cleveland's.)

  3. Patioboater might be trying a back-handed passing shot on Cleveland but Cleveland is smashing Wall street if what I see on Parisin movie posters is right! Here's the link to the synopsis of this French film you will probably never see :

    Thanks for the lovely , long blog telling of the end of our US vacation. And thanks again for the US vacation, too. It was all wonderful!

  4. Film links?! NO, no, no. You are to report directly to Tracey's blog, pick a great thing about the Cleveland package and then leave a comment with a way to reach you. Your comment may include the fact that you are entering for me!!!

    I've decided pushy aggressive people are the people who get to go to Cleveland.

    I see 29 followers over there. I should see 28 comments on Tracey's blog.

    Um, pushy aggressive people who say thank you to strangers for going out of their way to help a family get to Cleveland! Thank you all!

  5. I didn't realize my first comment was logged in as Daddy still. It was actually me offering you title of bestest big brother in the world. Rich may feel that way about one of his own brothers though.

  6. And just for anybody checking in at this late date, the Gettysburg clan is indeed heading off to Cleveland.

    Oh, so lucky.