Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Preview of Coming Poetic Attractions

Our Colts-Beagle haiku laureate is back for another season, this with the added complication of a granddaughter. Can Mary Campbell-Droze work wee Kaylee into her weekly 17 syllables of football analysis and beagle beatification?

Well, she kicked the ball between the uprights in just the first five syllables of this preseason poem, so she's off to a good start:

Preseason practice

Katie, Kaylee, Colts:
Ramping up Football-Beagle-
Grandbaby haiku.

--Mary Campbell-Droze


  1. Oh, man, I can see this will be an outstanding year with a start like that.


  2. Wow!!! We hadn't gotten a wiff of this yet!!! This beats all! Congrats to MCD from us and MDP