Monday, August 30, 2010

33% More Beagle To Love

When Katie the Beagle first came to us via a beagle rescue society, she measured in as just a skinny little 18 pounds of beagle at her first checkup:
"Feed me!"

Today Monique took her down to the vet and she weighed in at an astonishing 24 pounds. That's 33% more beagle than when she first arrived. Look at this fat beagle!

Jabba the Beagle.

Lest you think we've really plumped her up too much, here's a photo of her from a couple of months ago:
Action Beagle!

She's really still a fit and trim little beagle, thanks to her many walks with Monique. It brings us great joy to see how she's slowly filled out thanks to a proper diet. And she still gets to be called "Little Dog," even if she is a full 1/3 larger than when we first called her that.

Yet, despite her obvious fitness I shall now pen a haiku ode to the fat beagle.

Such a fat beagle!
Was it after-dinner treats?
Or those liver snaps?


  1. Chunky beagle dog
    Now weighs as much as chunky
    Emerson baby.

  2. Katie the beagle
    Emerson the little boy
    Both rolly-pollies

  3. A juicy batch of fat beagle and baby haiku! Yum!