Friday, June 11, 2010

Yeah, another busy week...

In retrospect, I shoulda doled out those book reviews day-by-day. Anyway, I was too busy with work and village stuff to actually blog this week, so here's a beagle haiku to reflect how I intend to wrap up this work week in about 45 minutes:

Work work work work work
Work work work work work go home,
Walk the beagle. Ahhhh.


  1. It seems little sis
    might soon get a new black lab.
    Haiku might follow.

  2. A chocolate lab
    has arrived in Gettysburg.
    He's not named Hershey.

  3. I like the Work, work, work haiku but I must admit, this news from Susan has distracted me... Better go and check the Gettysburg Family blog.

    Oh, and John, sorry, again, about almost killing you yesterday!