Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Brief John/Julia Update

Triumph and tragedy with the ol' John/Julia project. Friday night I made us a lovely stir-fry with scallops, red bell pepper, onion, and beurre au citron over a bed of rice. Yummy!

This morning, I totally botched a hollandaise sauce. I had a very clever plan for Spam Benedict -- that's a sort of eggs Benedict with Spam, which means that Julia Child is probably rolling over in her grave at the moment -- and utterly and completely screwed up the steps in the hollandaise sauce. So instead of a thick, creamy hollandaise, we had a runny lemon-butter sauce.

Also, we only had one English muffin, so I had toasted up some rye bread. And instead of poached eggs I was concocting an omelet with some leftover portabellow mushroom and onions. So, other than the English muffins, the poached eggs, the hollandaise, and the Spam, it was just like eggs Benedict.

And yet, when served on some rye toast with fried slices of Spam and fresh tomatoes, the runny sauce was still darned yummy.

Yes, I suppose this means I'll have to keep practicing the hollandaise family of sauces. Monique and Katie the Beagle seem okay with that.

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