Sunday, April 11, 2010

Signs of Spring

Easter baskets!


Katie the Beagle gets so warm basking in the Sun that she moves to the shade!


  1. Oh, my... you're making up for lost time!

  2. The eggs look much less scary with their dyed yolks than I was imagining with Monique's "festive" description. And my goodness but those bunnies look strikingly familiar.

    By the by, The Gettysburg Family is generally much to busy on weekends generating blog content for me to post. Look for picnic with Jamie photos on Monday. :D

  3. Welcome back! Whose is the left-hand basket? It seems to have slightly less chocolate...

  4. Sorry, I am late reading this splendid photo post of Easter Sunday. Of course, I enjoyed the displays and chocolates in real time while visiting with you. Thanks for sharing!

    Today I want to vent my anger: those beautiful tulips of yours make me downright jealous...I have just asked for help on Facebook; there are ravenous, tulip-eating bunnies in our yard and they have decapitated my tulips before they even fully opened. So here is the answer: KATIE, THE BEAGLE! She would not tolerate bunnies anywhere near your tulips! That's it, of course!