Sunday, April 18, 2010

John & Julia Project Update

Day 2 -- Worry not, hollandaise sauce fans, not all the leftover hollandaise went to Katie the Beagle. Most of it went into the refrigerator, and we took good care of it today. For today's brunch I warmed up the sauce, added a bit of hot curry, and spread it on more poached eggs, tomato, and English muffins.

Unfortunately, in the midst of poaching and toasting, I slacked off the stirring and the hollandaise began to separate. So the hollandaise curry was a bit lumpy and a bit greasy.

Hey, gaining "a thorough familiarity with the vagaries of egg yolks under all conditions" ain't for sissies. And it was yummy, anyway!

P.S. In regard to Michelle's question about what culinary adventures would be underway if we'd seen "Ratatouille", even rat tastes good when it's smothered in hollandaise sauce!


  1. I would prefer it if my breakfast this summer were rat free. Thank you.

  2. But who knows what tasty rat-covering sauces I'll have learned by then?!