Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Super Bowl snowstorm

Detroit suffered a double blow on Super Bowl Sunday:

1) The Detroit Lions spent their 49th consecutive year as Super Bowl spectators. Sigh.

2) We got 16.7 inches of snow, the 3rd-largest single-storm in Detroit history.

For the most part we spent our Super Bowl huddled inside, watching the Super Bowl and celebrating Brigitte's birthday.

Even the electric reindeer showed up to pay his respects.

But on Monday, it was time to pay the piper. The next morning dawned cold and crisp: six degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

Snow drifts washed across the lake like waves, piling up on the island.

With the ground buried deep in snow the local birds enjoyed a breakfast feast at our feeder.

Out by the street the roads were plowed but the cars were buried. Several of our neighbors had already chipped away at the mess (Thank you!!!) but there was still plenty more snow left to shovel.

The well plowed roads of Wolverine Lake. As village president the number-one complaint that I get about our plowing is that it fools people into thinking the roads elsewhere are equally passable.

They weren't.

You could drive around Wolverine Lake just fine, but school was cancelled all over Michigan on this Monday. and even on Tuesday in a lot of districts, including our own. Kudos to our DPW for once again being ahead of our surrounding communities.

Of course, the clean roads did us no good at all, since our cars were entirely buried in the driveway:

It was time to get to work. Arsen and Monique cleared a path to Arsen's garage where -- miracle of miracles! the new snowblower that he bought last week was ready to serve. This was the most timely purchase of the decade!

Meanwhile, in our own driveway progress was a bit slower.

Notice between the garages. Our neighbor Wendy is making her way out by climbing over the snow drift and over to the wee path out our driveway.

Eventually, the snowblower made its way to our side of the street.

Our poor little Christmas reindeer were already buried before we started to clear the drive.

And afterwards? Hopeless!

Our mailboxes were free!

As was our driveway:

The final result. Hurrah! Freedom for our motor vehicle fleet!

One final task remained, clearing the snow from our porch:

In defense of my attire, it had warmed up to a balmy eleven degrees.

That evening, as we all enjoyed a well earned rest and recovery, the last few rays of the sunset cast a pink light on the snowy lake:

And to the East? Moonrise!

All in all, a proper snowstorm properly cleaned up.

But that was enough for this winter, thank you. We're now ready to go down to the Virgin Islands in a couple of weeks. Please! Oh, please!

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