Friday, September 28, 2012

First sunset cruise with the wheelbarrow o'booze

For reasons unknown Facebook seems unwilling to take my photographs again today, so Blogger gains a few more photos.

When last we checked in with our heroes, they had just won an entire freaking wheelbarrow full of booze:

Good grief, look at it all! This house isn't big enough for all this hooch! It'll have to go ... one drink at a time.  And so, with sunset looming on a Friday evening, it seemed a good time to take a crack at drinking down some of this ridiculous pile.

Tonight's winning drink? Sour apple martini mix and Luksusowa triple-distilled potato vodka from Poland.

That's right, my pretties. You're all destined for this glass mug.

Your time will come. Your time will come.

And so we launched the final Friday night sunset cruise of September on Wolverine Lake.

Katie the Beagle took the lookout position at the bow.

The view from the captain's chair.

Katie the Beagle abandons her post at the bow to collect some petting.


Yup, more petting for Katie the Beagle.

Finally, the sun had set, so we pulled into port beneath a full moon and headed back inside for a nice hot bowl of delicious leftover chicken stew.  And yes, the sour-apple martinis were tasty.

All-in-all, a splendid sunset cruise on a truly lovely September evening.


  1. So sorry to have missed that final glorious sunset cruise. Your photos make up for it, but just somewhat. Thanks.

  2. Well, the final Friday-night sunset cruise of September, anyway. Certainly not the final sunset cruise of the year, I hope!

  3. Hey, where's a picture of the captain?

  4. Eh, not the best picture of me. I should've had you take fifteen or twenty more, in hopes that I wouldn't look too gruesome in at least one of 'em.