Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Wheelbarrowful o'Booze

After a longish day and evening, I arrived home to discover that I had won one of the top raffle prizes at this year's "Taste of the Lakes" benefit fundraiser for Lakes Area Youth Assistance: an entire freaking wheelbarrow filled with wine and liquor!

Monique with the now-emptied wheelbarrow.  I had to scoot off to another fundraiser before the drawing.  But fortunately Monique was able to stay behind to collect our winnings!

As God is my witness, I have no idea where we're even going to put all this booze.  It's too bad none of my friends like to drink.  And since Monique is usually done after a glass of wine, I reckon I'll have to swill nearly all of it myself.

I don't want to have to guzzle it all, but I feel I need to ... for the kids, you know.

(A sudden cry goes up around Wolverine Lake: "You need somewhere to put it? Put it in ME!")

BTW, we figured out what most of it is, but if any of my Russian-speaking friends and family can tell me what this bottle of Ukrainian liquor is, I'd be grateful.  I'm guessing it's some sort of pepper-infused schnapps.

If the next few months of postings seem even more incoherent than usual ... well, you'll know why.

And finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention to all of you that LAYA is a great program for at-risk youth run in conjunction with our local schools, police, municipalities, and courts.  If you'd like to help out, there are tons and tons of ways to get involved, and they can always use more help.  You can find out more at Lakes Area Youth Assistance.


  1. The mystery liquor has now been identified, thanks to Dean Tiernan and Google Goggles. It's Nemeroff Honey, Pepper Vodka.

  2. John, you may say: "Na zdorovie" while testing a glass of the Pepper Vodka. For some of the other beverages say: Salute or Cin cin to a glass of Cincano; Egg-esh ay-ged-reh, if Arsen were sharing a glass of Hungarian liqueur; Prost or zum Wohl, if I had a glass of Rheinwein with you; a la votre sante if you should take any of the bottles to Paris with you; and finally, to everyone else and at all times: CHEERS!... To both of you, lucky winners!

  3. And the wheelbarrow itself was part of the prize.

    It's really very clever. It has thick canvass sides and folds down for storage. When it's up it will hold more than 200 pounds... which I'm pretty sure we tested out last night. Couldn't get it into the car without unloading the booze which is why the photos shows the booze on the table.

    The Nemeroff Honey, Papper Vodka, very tasty!