Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summertime Arrivals

Not much blogging around the ol' Patio Boat lately, but mostly we've been busy with a host of the entirely predictable summertime arrivals:

Stella, who arrived in late June.

Wolverine Lake's weed harvester, which arrived with Wolverine Lake's weeds.

Fireworks, which arrived right on schedule on Tiki Night.

Kayaking expeditions, which arrived with the sunny summertime weather.

Wendy's ski boat, which at long, long last arrived with its boat lift.

Stella's friend Ann, arriving at the airport.

Henry and Malcom, also arriving at the airport.

Michelle, seen here with Monique after they arrived at the Oakland County Fair.

John's midlife crisis, which arrived in our driveway this week with a convertible top and a shiny black paint job....

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