Thursday, May 6, 2010

Contemplating Stress Reduction Techniques

As I sat there yet again in physical therapy a couple of years ago, contemplating my arthritic knee, I came to the realization that although collision sports had provided me with an excellent source of stress reduction for nearly 30 years, they were no longer a sustainable stress outlet. I concluded that it might be time to find an alternative source of stress reduction.

As I stood on my bathroom scale this morning, contemplating my ever-increasing weight, I came to the realization that although eating too much and sitting on my ever-increasing tush watching TV and getting enormously fat has provided me with an excellent alternative source of stress reduction for the last two years, it might also no longer be a sustainable stress outlet.

It might be time to go back to stress-reduction techniques that don't put me on a collision course with 300 pounds.

And so, instead of blogging any further, I think I will shut down the computer, drive home from work, and take the beagle for a nice walk.


  1. Katie, too, is in favor, enjoying her increased number of walks! And summer on the lake offers some very pleasant stress relieving outlets.

    To non bone and joint crushing physical activites of all sorts.

  2. One way to reduce the stress is hypnotherapy, its relaxing and pleasurable technique will harness to help you transform for the better.