Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wisdom overheard in the YMCA locker room

"That's the problem with the world these days. Everybody's just looking for somebody to confirm what they already think. Nobody ever goes out anymore looking for anything that challenges their opinion."

--Spoken by some dude drying off after a shower to a guy standing on the scale.

That may be the smartest thing I've ever heard in a locker room. I have no idea what those two guys were talking about, since it was really the only part of the conversation that I heard. But it really doesn't matter because it applies to seemingly everything these days.

It's an amazing thing about the Information Age that I didn't anticipate, but should have, given human nature. With all the data of all the world out there, most people don't seem to be seeking a deeper understanding of genuine facts. They're just looking for something that backs up what they think they already know.

Personally, I love when I find out that I was wrong about something. Why? Because it means that I'm learning new things and getting smarter.

Are you finding lately that your opinions are all correct. Are you proving it to yourself because your opinion is shared by some dude on TV or found in all the blogs you read? You're not learning new things. You're getting dumber.


  1. I'd leave a comment, but your little sister is going on a comment strike. You have not left a comment on my blog in six weeks! Know how I know? Because the last comment was about Atlee getting her ears pierced and I just changed her earrings. Comment, big brother, or I will unfollow. And maybe whine to mom about how mean your're being to me.

  2. In fairness, Susan, you haven't done that much posting in the past six weeks.

  3. Seven posting options he missed. And in review, there aren't any from snason either. And I never broke your dog! Maybe tried to steal her, but never broke her.

  4. "Personally, I love when I find out that I was wrong about something.:

    Really? I'm a little surprised to hear this, based on your typical reaction when I point out precisely that. Hummnn... must investiage further.

    Of course, you make a great point in this post!

    And Susan, your combativeness is thrilling... It reassures us that you are feeling better!

    Now, what to get such a combative little sister for her birthday.... hummnn...