Monday, March 1, 2010

Buy a Comic and Help Send Monique on a Date Night!

Aside from "Watch more Winter Olympics than is mathematically possible" my February to-do list also had "clean out some of the piles of comics" on the list.

As part of that effort, I decided to put several dozen of those comics up on e-Bay, so as to clean them out of the house altogether. So, I sorted out several dozen comics that I bought and enjoyed over the last year and put them up for bids in thirteen lots. I figured this would kill two birds with one stone:

1) Get some of the comics out of the house.
2) Put a bit of spending cash in my pocket. I then committed myself to using that cash to fund a date night with Monique.

Either one of those goals would make Monique happy. The two together? Nirvanna!

Alas, only two of my 13 lots have so far attracted any bids. The Monique date-night fund is only up to $7.50. This might almost fund a dinner expedition to Taco Bell, but I'm not sure we can squeeze even so much as a movie rental out of the remainder.

There's a pretty good assortment, including some Star Treks, Doctor Who Classics, Batgirl, Dan Dare, Captain America, a Spider-Girl trade paperback, X-Factor, and even some westerns. Bidding closes around 9:30 EST tonight. (Monday, March 1.)

Please, people, don't let Monique languish dateless and buried under piles of comic books. Buy now!


  1. I'll share the link with my neighbor who loves comics, but alas I have bidded enough for the weekend already. And I don't want comics.

  2. I'd like to thank yesterday's comics bidders.

    Together you helped to clear out the clutter in our house a bit and you have successfully financed a date for Monique. Now I've just gotta figure out how to show a girl a good time on the town in Detroit for $15.23.

    And for anybody who missed the first chance, I'll put the unsold items up with a few more batches sometime soon.

  3. A date, a date, what fun!! Now, will it be Wendy's or... Taco Bell?

    Thanks for helping out, Susan!

  4. I think I need to worry about my recent compulsion to bid on things. Perhaps I should put my comics in my new purses?

    Enjoy your date lady. I hope he takes you some place nice. I told him to check the couch for $.77 so he could take you to a museum! :D