Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spring on Wolverine Lake: Flowers

April showers brought May flowers. The flowering trees in particular have been spectacular this spring after a couple of down years because of the harsh winters.

First on the scene, crocuses:

Quince blossoms:

Forsythia (soon to be the home of Myrtle Mallard and her nest):

Peach blossoms:

Flowering crabapple:

(Alas, the last Spring for our neighbor's flowering crabapple. It's going to have to come down to make room for their addition.)



Crystal hummingbirds:

(Okay, you caught me. That one wasn't a flower.)

Something purple:

Cherry blossoms:

Apple blossoms:


First, the initial blooming. Then...

And just now coming into their own, the greatest-smelling flower of all, lilacs:

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