Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2015 Battle of the Brits: Jaguars

Time for another batch o'photos from last weekend's Battle of the Brits. Today we have the Jaguars. We'll set forth in more or less chronological order of manufacture:

A 1953 XK120 next to a 1966 XJ13 ... well, almost certainly an XJ13 replica, since the original one-of-one XJ13 prototype is supposedly still at the Heritage Motor Centre Museum in England. The XJ13 was a mid-engine V12 racing prototype developed in the mid-60s. It never actually raced, but it's still a great-looking car.

XKEs. I still looooove those swoopy E-Types:

There were a couple of great-looking Mark II saloons in the mix:

Also among the saloons, this 1987 XJ6 Series III, forerunner to our own beloved 1999 XJ Vanden Plas Supercharged and still one of the best-looking sedans ever made.

1976 XJ-C: That era of XJ also came as a coupe for a few years. These have really grown on me.

A V12 XJS. The XJS always got a bit of a bad rap because it came in as the successor to the incredibly lovely and successful XKE. But if you take it on its own you realize it's a pretty darn nice car.

Man, that V12 engine looks complicated.

Here's another XJS, this one from the front. They have a really pretty line.

A 2002 XKR convertible. These are pretty crazy cars, since they take the 370-hp supercharged V8 engine from the XJR sedan and cram it into two-door convertible weighing several hundred pounds less.

And hey, there was even a new Jaguar on the field, a 2015 F-Type coupe, here next to a 1994 XJS convertible:

That's a pretty car.

Which was my favorite Jaguar of the day? Well, I have to admit that it was one that wasn't on the field, but was instead parked out in the parking lot: a 1999 Jaguar Vanden Plas Supercharged Saloon.

Even after looking at great Jaguars all day long, Big Smoky still hits the spot.

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