Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Crossing our Atlantic: a five-year summary of progress

The nice thing is that I don't even have to say what particular incident caused me to write this. It could apply to several things in my life lately. And I have a feeling you'll all have a topic of your own to which it could apply:

ME: Hey, our current course brings us pretty far north.
RESPONSE: Full steam ahead!

ME: There's a warning out about a high number of icebergs in those waters.
RESPONSE: Full steam ahead!

ME: We're starting to see some pack ice on the horizon.
RESPONSE: Full steam ahead!

ME: Holy Mother of God! You're steaming straight into an iceberg pack at night in the fog!
RESPONSE: Full steam ahead!

ME: Good Lord, we've struck a monster! We're going down!! Man the lifeboats!!! Women and children first!!!!
RESPONSE: What was that scraping noise on the bow? Please rearrange the deck chairs and tell the band to play a bit louder. It's hard to hear them over the emergency klaxon. Full steam ahead!

Preview of Coming Attractions:

JOHN: Nice airship. So, you say it's filled with hydrogen and painted with aluminum oxide rocket fuel to make it silvery and shiny?

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