Thursday, March 12, 2015

Autorama: Usually It's a Bad Sign When You See Flames on Your MG...

... but not at the Autorama!

We interrupt the non-stop photos of tropical merrymaking in the Virgin Islands to bring you another car from the 2015 Detroit Autorama -- this 1970 MG Midget belonging to Steve Campanetta of Grand Blanc, Michigan:

Yup, he shoehorned a 327 Chevy small block V8 into a Midget. Since an MG Midget weighs about 18 pounds, I'd guess this thing moves along rapidly. It must be a blast to drive.

There's also a nifty custom interior with leather seats and a wooden dash:

The flaming paint by Ultimate Paint & Body Works looked great on it, too:

All in all, ridiculous and tremendous. I heartily approve!

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