Sunday, October 20, 2013

The 2013 Windsor-Detroit MG Club Fall Colors Tour

Come take an autumn drive with John and Monique and about 25 British sports cars from the Windsor-Detroit MG Club on the club's final driving expedition of the year, the Fall Colors Tour.

We gathered in the parking lot of the Ward Presbyterian Church in Northville: 

The first part of the drive took us up and down Hines Drive, a lovely windy road with the fall colors at peak. We followed another black MGB, a lovely 1980 Limited Edition model:

The end of Hines Drive.

But not the end of the cruise. We were off to the Ostbaum Orchard for cider and donuts.

Ooops. I know this is hard to believe, but one of our old British sports cars, a red MG Midget, suffered an electrical failure. Fortunately, a dozen of us quickly gathered around to offer contradictory advice, while another half-dozen gathered to give advice about the advice giving. 

Rather more fortunately, one guy in the crowd both knew what he was doing and had a circuit tracer in his car -- an excellent acoutrement for the antique British sports car owner. With a loose ignition wire hooked back up we were soon back on the road.

After a few wrong turns that left British cars scattered all about Western Wayne County, most of us managed to make it to Ostbaum's: 


In addition to the MGs, the expedition had several Triumphs and a trio of Austin-Healey 3000s. This was one of the Austin-Healeys.

After an excellent round of cider and donuts it was time to hop back in the cars...

And head on down the road...

To the Deadwood Bar & Grill in Northville:

Where a fine afternoon meal was had by all. We hope you all enjoyed our ride, too!

Special thanks to Ed Fleming for organizing the event again this year. It was a great afternoon of Autumn driving!

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