Sunday, August 19, 2012

What has Summer 2012 looked like?

Thanks in great part to the new Canon EOS that Monique and I bought, we have some excellent proof that much fun was had this summer.  Here are some of the best photos of the summer ... thus far.

Katie the Beagle checks out the greenery.

Monique at the Eastern Market.

Flowers at the Eastern Market.

The FUN MG visits Arsen and Brigitte.

Sunset on Wolverine Lake.

Katie the Beagle greets Monique after a kayaking expedition.

Miggy slides home safe!

Battling swans on Wolverine Lake during a Fathers' Day cruise with Arsen & Brigitte.

The Dog Days of Summer have arrived.

Fine dining on the porch: cedar-planked trout, grilled eggplant, cucumber salad, baguette, cyser, and sparkling companionship!

Some of the best fireworks photos this summer were the mistakes.

The Great Race circled the Great Lakes this summer, with a stop in downtown Ypsilanti.

And now, some Tiki Night photos:

The magic hour of anticipation.

Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks!

My sister Susan drove out our way from Gettysburg a couple of times.  In between her drives we had a great deal of fun hosting Shea and Atlee for a two week visit.

Shea, Emerson, Atlee, and Greeley swimming.

Emerson takes his seat for a cruise.

Atlee swimming.

Kayaking in the canals.

Red, white, and blue petunias.

Heat lightning seen from the porch.

Make your own pizza night.

Miss Atlee heads out for her first-ever ride in a convertible.  Alas, it was almost also her first ride in a tow truck after the fuel pump died.

Greeley, the Friendly Werewolf.

Arsen & Brigitte brought one of their black-swallowtail cocoons for us to watch.  When it finally hatched the butterfly had a bit of a wing problem.  But since he eventually flew away after savoring a lot of petunia nectar, we like to think he's doing okay.

Yes, the FUN MG had to take the Ride of Shame after its fuel pump died.  Fortunately, all was repaired in time for the Dream Cruise!

John driving his classic car in the Dream Cruise. Hurrah!

Monique snaps a photo of the prettiest thing on route: herself!

Eventually, Monique took the wheel.

Even Batman was there.  And no, that's not a Batmobile next to him.

How many photos do people take on the Dream Cruise? Even your intrepid photographer was photographed!  (Though I rather suspect her focus may have been the MGB instead of me.)

And that's a wee assortment of photos from this summer.  I easily could've picked a hundred more, but hopefully this has given you all a sense of what this Summer's been like around Wolverine Lake.


  1. Absolutely great photos with that fabulous camera, John, and the summer is not over yet. These are all real keepers, but may I have just a few paper copies for our old-fashioned album? I have reached the age when I like to turn pages and dream of times past.

  2. Wonderful capture of a summer's delights.