Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Loyal Beagle Shares the Work

Today we celebrate in beagle haiku the above-and-beyond-the-call-of-canine-duty efforts of Katie the Beagle on behalf of Editorial Code & Data Inc.  Katie has loyally been hard at work, lying on the guest bed and staring adoringly at Monique every day, all day -- often late into the night -- as Monique has worked like a madwoman for the last six months to get Market Share Reporter: Trends Over Time out the door and off to press on time.

Katie's contributions towards this project were so large and substantial that they just couldn't be captured in a single seventeen-syllable haiku.  Thus we at the Patio Boat present a double-haiku poem to commemorate her contributions:

The Loyal Beagle Shares the Work

Katie the Beagle
Wants to chase rabbits. But she
Watches Monique type.

The walk comes at two
In the afternoon. Joy! Joy!
Then back to work.

As for Monique's work on this project, it would take a Norse saga twice the size of the Edda to capture all that has been accomplished and overcome.  If you see her anytime soon, please congratulate her on getting this fabulous book off to press on time and surviving the experience.

I shall simply say for now, "Well done! And welcome back!"


  1. Those adoring eyes tried to tell Monique telepathically, all along, that the book had two pages numbered 454, but Monique was not, as it were, "receiving." Finally, finally Katie got through!

  2. Well, "rub my belly" and "you've accidentally typeset two page 454s" look an awful lot alike when delivered by Katie the Beagle.

  3. Yes... Katie and I will be working on fine tuning her communications this summer.

    But first YYYEEEAAAAA!!!!!!!!

    I can hardly believe the manuscript is off! It'll take me the rest of the day just to absorb the fact, a most pleasant transition, I must say.

    Thank you John. Thank you Arsen. Even a quick note must highlight the fact that this has been very much a group effort, and that you two, John and Arsen, both contributed enormously. Without your hard work MSR-TOT would not exist. THANK YOU! And there are others, but I won't list them all here... I did say a quick note.

    Hey, look, summer has arrived.

  4. I don't want to interrupt the atmosphere of victory in your current state, Monique, so I'll not phone. Will just say "Congratulations" for this fabulous book! I read several chapters and gained some new and interesting things by it.