Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Farewell to (QB) Arms: A Patio Boat Offseason Special

In today's special contribution from our Indianapolis Colts haiku correspondent, Mary Campbell-Droze comes face-to-face with the reality that 17 syllables can not contain her sorrow:

it is momentous,now that you have deemed 

[cf e.e. cummings "it is at moments after i have dreamed" from 'Sonnets-Unrealities,' Tulips & Chimneys)

it is momentous,now that you have deemed
that denver is the apple of your eye,
when(being silly-willy)i had dreamed

coaching indy's where your heart would lie;
momentous when my coltish conscience scolds

the confounding decision that you made
(it involved much cussing)but silence holds
some respite as the news begins to fade;

momentous when your once illustrious arm
throws and with consternation,you then find
that mile-high's cold while lucas was warm:

one thing momentous comes to mind

turning to the colts game on tv
we'll miss your fight for that final mvp.

--Mary Campbell-Droze


  1. You Colts fans are Lucky. You just don't realize it yet. I think that's a cardinal outside my window.

  2. True sorrow has rarely sounded more melancholy and poetic. It wrenches my heart!