Monday, November 28, 2011

Indianapolis Colts Haiku, Week 12 (plus two bonus haiku!)

Week 12: in which our intrepid Colts correspondent conveys the pathetic feelings of a Colts fan just sort of hoping they might beat the spread this week:

The 'Suck For Luck' Strategy: One Long Season of Footballus Interruptus

"Hey wow, look!
Ha! It's there! It's---uh, oh well.
Yes! Yes! Go! Go! Crap!!"

--Mary Campbell-Droze

In keeping with Patio Boat's business model, which continues to be "copying and pasting other people's haiku for the revolutionary price of FREE" we also present these 17 syllables of birthday well wishes from Ryan Claytor, which reflect so well the core values of the Patio Boat blog (apart from rubbing Katie the Beagle's belly, of course, which remains our most important mission):

Birthday Haiku:

It's John Magee Day!
Time for Colts, Rugby, and Cars.
... Enjoy your home brew!

--Ryan Claytor

This does, however, remind me to point out to the general audience that MC-D has the Patio Boat's complete and total Indianapolis Colts monopoly.  I already suffered an 0-16 with the Lions, and see no need to transfer any allegiance to the sinking ship from Peytonville.

And so I in celebration of the Lions recent return to their earlier won-loss habits, I present this extra bonus Lions haiku, in which I would like to point out that Oakland Raiders great Ted Hendricks was not a role model.

Lions, Week 12: The Thanksgiving Turkey

Ndamakong Suh:
"Kick 'em in the head, Ted" was
Not a coaching point.

--John Magee

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