Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Excuses, excuses...

Our Colts/Beagle/Grandbaby haikuist Mary Campbell-Droze was tardy with her weekly contribution this week. Rest assured we have fined her a large portion of her salary:

Yeah, I know I'm up against my deadline

Watcha gonna do
When I lag on the haiku??
Bad Mary! Bad Mary! (ooo!!)

Expect Indy-Katie-Kaylee Week 2 contribution in your Inbox by tomorrow a.m.

--Mary Campbell-Droze


Or, I guess I could just send it to you now

Bro Bowl Bowl-Over

Giants lose; Colts win!
Eli needs Kaylee's burp cloth.
Tom needs Kate's poop bags.

--Mary Campbell-Droze

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