Sunday, July 25, 2010

Photo Potpourri, Part 2

Our annual delegation from France arrived this week. They made it through Customs by cleverly disguising themselves as Flower People.

Usually our Summertime photos include a view of the island from our home. This, however, is the view of our home from the island.

Stella at the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

Monique found a comfy chair at the Art Fair.

Malcolm started his fishing at the small end of the scale.

Pepper plants!

Henry seems skeptical.

Stella kayaking.

The view of our home from the kayak.

Real fishermen don't stop for a little rain. Perhaps we should put The Perfect Storm on this Summer's movie list.

Sadly, Stella caught the dreaded Michigan Finger Fungus.

Cool clouds.

Katie the Beagle joins the crew for a screening of Sherlock Holmes.

The sneaker designers, hard at work.

Lookie here, now we're a two-kayak family.

And we end with a couple of photos of bedtime buddies.

That's it for now. But stay tuned to this channel for more summertime adventures, coming soon....


  1. John your wife is gorgeous you home on the lake looks like paradise and you in the kayak very sporty indeed.

  2. PS why the life vest, can't you swim? Or is this just part of the look that says "athelete"

  3. I'm a fine and happy swimmer, but had you seen me founder, flip, and flop out of the kayak into the lake when I tried to climb back on the dock, you wouldn't need to ask, "Why the life vest?"

    Fortunately, there were no photos of the flopping, so I get to look cool and coordinated.

  4. Please feel free to sing Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, but replace all of the You Were Here's with We Were There's and we'll all be on the same page.

    Plotting and scheming and plotting some more.

    How do you feel about dog house guests that DON'T pee on your carpet? Just a hypothetical preliminary sort of question.